1. Training

Hype Fly India has a team of experienced authenticators, who have been running authentication checks for tons of sneakers over several years. The team is also actively trained to become aware of features of newer replicas and kept up to date with authentication attributes of various sneakers.

2. Condition

The very first step in the authentication process involves checking the sneaker at hand for its condition, as to whether it's a Deadstock pair or not. This involves maintaining a network of only trusted suppliers who have a positive track record of having sourced only brand new shoes. This is to ensure that each Hype Fly Customer gets the honour of becoming the maiden owner of their new sneaker.

3. Packaging

Next step involves confirming and authenticating the complete packaging of the sneaker in question. This involves checking the detailing on the box, along with size and model tags and also checking for appropriate sneaker accessories, where provided.

4. Digital Authentication

After the preliminary checks, each sneaker is also made to go through a Digital Authentication, performed by our extensive Sneaker Database of each sneaker we sell. Different angles of the sneaker being checked are compared with images of the authentic pair on the database to uncover inconsistencies. A checklist is created for different authenticity points in the sneaker, and the sneaker is not passed to the next step until having cleared the checklist.

5. Harnessing Technology

Along with digital authentication, we at Hype Fly India, are constantly experimenting with Machine Learning softwares and other innovative concrete authentication methods offered by AI, for standardising the entire authentication process for all our sneakers.

6. Quality check

Finally, our team also checks each sneaker in-hand for quality assurance. This way enables us to be wary of any defects sold by the sneaker company itself or to screen out really good replica sneakers. Customer satisfaction is Hype Fly’s top most priority and thus it's imperative on our end to deliver only the best quality footwear that your money can buy.

7. Grievance Redressal

In the unlikely scenario of a customer being dissatisfied with the authenticity/quality of the sneaker after having purchased the same, Hype Fly also offers to redress such a complaint, by refunding the shoe amount, after having confirmed the shoe to be fake.